Eagle Season Begins!

New and older Scouts, along with parents, siblings, and even a former Scoutmaster pitched in to get plants in the ground at Braden C.’s Eagle project site at Rock Creek.

As winter, slowly releases its grip on Montana, Troop 1911’s Scouts swing into action, not only with camping, hiking, and volunteering, but with Eagle Scout projects as well. Our troop is thrilled to have more than a dozen Life Scouts, and many of them are using spring to kick off the service projects they need to accomplish to complete Scoutings’ ultimate rank. On March 31 and April 7, Life Scout Braden C. held two work days to build an 18 X 80-foot deer exclosure at the Rock Creek property of the Five Valleys Land Trust and plant more than thirty native plants.

Future Eagle Scouts pitch in, knowing that other Scouts will be there to help when they are ready to do their Eagle projects one day.

Once slated for development into housing, this choice spot at the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clark Fork River has suffered from a century of overgrazing and neglect. Scout Braden C. wanted to pitch in with Five Valleys’ rehabilitation efforts by designing an “island” of native plants that would both attract wildlife and help reseed the weed fields that now cover much of the property.

On March 31, an intrepid crew of good-natured Scouts and adults faced blizzard conditions to install the deer exclosure for Braden’s Eagle project.

On March 31, Scouts Keifer, Justin, Rex, and Rowan & Harrison joined adults Rich Frederickson, Gwen Jones, Don Lorenzen, and Dennis Dickhaut in pounding stakes and setting up fence for the enclosure that would protect Braden’s native plants. They also got the holes dug and flagged in preparation for planting.

The following weekend, Scouts Keifer, TJ, Rex, Rowan, Harrison, Walker, Bridger, Jackson, and Paxson  joined adults Tony Higuera, Tawnie Sabin, Amy Ratzlaf, and Shawn Moe got all 33 of Braden’s plants quickly and efficiently planted and mulched before heading over to help plant other native plants in a different section of the Five Valleys property. Braden’s younger sister also lent her trowel to the efforts!

After helping with Braden’s Eagle project, Troop 1911 helped plant the pond area of FVLT’s Rock Creek property.

“The project went better and smoother than I ever could have imagined,” said Life Scout Braden C. “I really appreciate all the help I got, and know that Troop 1911 Scouts will continue to pitch in on future volunteer efforts.”

Speaking of, several more Eagle projects are in the works including placing interpretive signage at Fort Missoula and at the forestry museum out near the airport. These projects are just a few of the many ways, Troop 1911 contributes to our community and helps train our nation’s future leaders.