Route of the Hiawatha

A waterfall at the end of the tunnel

Not too far from Missoula is one of the most scenic bike trails in the nation: the Route of the Hiawatha. From the late 1800s through the 1980s the route was part of the Milwaukee railroad line. Later, a 15-mile section was reopened to bicycles. The ride includes 10 tunnels (including the 1.7 mile St. Paul Pass tunnel) and 7 trestles, the largest of which is 850 feet long and 230 feet high.

On Saturday June 29, members of Troop 1911 embarked on a journey down the Route of the Hiawatha. Here are some of the highlights – including surviving the nearly 2 miles of mud through the first tunnel

Gearing up for the big ride
Entering the first tunnel – 1.66 miles under the ground.
A waterfall at the end of the tunnel
Muddy backsides!
This trestle was 220 feet high!
A selfie with Dad.
Much needed rest at the end of the trail.


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