Forging Leaders!

ASM Mark Snyder schools the Scouts in safe, effective Search and Rescue strategies.

In between their many other activities, Troop 1911 Scouts are actively training for one of BSA’s primary purposes: leadership. Two recent activities highlighted just how much 1911’s Scouts are learning about leadership. On June 12, ASM Mark Snyder trained the Scouts in doing a wilderness Search and Rescue. Working in a grid, and searching for clues, the Scouts successfully located a missing Life Scout who had somehow injured himself while managing to scatter his belongings over several acres of fields and forests!

Keeping careful spacing, 1911 Scouts walked a grid, carefully searching for clues for their missing comrade.

The following weekend, several 1911 Life and Eagle Scouts joined Scouts and leaders from Venturing Crew 2911 and Troop units in Kalispell to staff the National Youth Leadership Training at Grizzly Base. NYLT was unfortunately cancelled this year, but the staff was ready, and performed volunteer work, helping to install much-needed benches at GB. The following day, they celebrated their hard work with a hike up Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park. Huge thanks to 1911’s Don Lorenzen and his co-leaders Brad Isbell and Jeff Green for their many months training and leading these Scouts. Hopefully, the training will go off as planned next year, and any Scout 13 or older is heartily encouraged to attend. It is a life-changing experience for many Scouts.

Celebrating their months of study and preparation, NYLT staff enjoy a hike up to Avalanche Lake. Many of these staff will help staff NYLT next year.
After helping install benches at Griz Base, staff learned how to create their own custom walking sticks.