Glacier Service 2022



Scouts recently returned from a week in Glacier doing service and exploring the park. Monday was a trash pick-up at various locations throughout the park.

Trash collection at Avalanche along the Trail of the Cedars.


Quick lunch stop at Logan Pass


Fly fishing at Lake McDonald



Tuesday was weed pulling, mainly the ox-eye daisy, from along roadsides and stream banks. This was followed by a whitewater rafting trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead along Glacier’s southern boundary.







Scouts pulled many bags of weeds from along roadsides and stream banks


Tuesday afternoon, Scouts did a rafting trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. 


Wednesday was a huckleberry inventory on Huckleberry Mountain. After the hike, scouts got ice cream, cooked, canoed and swam in Lake McDonald, and had a campfire.

Huckleberry inventory



Thursday was a free day and the Scouts hiked 15 miles on the Highline trail, including a side trip to the Garden Wall and the Grinnell Glacier overlook as well as the Granite Creek Chalet.

Along the Highline


Grinnell Glacier Overlook


Scenery along the trail


 Greeted by a mountain goat on the return