Hittin’ the Trails!

Let Hiking Season Begin! Yesterday, thirteen enthusiastic Scouts and seven adults set out from the Rattlesnake Trailhead to have fun—and, conveniently, complete the first ten-mile hike required for Eagle-required Hiking merit badge.

13 Scouts and 7 adults set out from the Rattlesnake Trailhead. Goal: to hike ten miles and enjoy incredible spring weather! (All photos thanks to Eric Henderson!)

ASM Lance Turner took the lead in organizing the hike and weather conditions, plant life, and bird activity could not have been more perfect. Scouts learned a variety of new plants and kept attuned to birds around them. Mostly, they had a whole lot of fun, enjoying vigorous exercise and splendid cameraderie!

An additional benefit of the hike is that it will help prepare many Scouts for their Philmont adventure next summer. ASM Mark Snyder is heading up that project and even though it is more than a year away, many of us can’t wait!


After a leisurely lunch at Pilcher Creek, Scouts prepare for a return to civilization.

Not that the trail was without hazards. On the way back, Scouts had to stop several times to offer first-aid to Assistant Scoutmasters, who seem to experience an exceedingly large number of injuries and afflictions. It was a great learning experience by all.

ASM Eric Sedgwick was one of several assistant scoutmasters who required first aid on the hike.